Muse at Work 

Building blocks of music!

Infused with singing, Muse at Work unlocks the mysteries of how music works. 

Muse at Work features over 35 original songs and 100 applications, tables, examples, and templates.

  • Learn clefs with robots,
  • explore note names with caterpillar games, and note reading with birds,
  • enhance your math skills with note values as fractions, multiples, & dividends,
  • practice spatial perception and artistic imagination by writing notes and rests in simple and compound meters,
  • improvise and compose melodies with poetic meters, major & minor scales, and modes,
  • study orchestral instruments with a famous mouse conductor,
  • build your own musical instrument book,
  • foster sensorial integration by listening to sound with multiple senses,
  • hone writing skills by describing sound in stories and images,
  • sing with affect, expression, and understanding,
  • experience songs that reveal the multi-faceted personalities of modes,
  • compare pentagons to pentatonic modes, and cut-out cubes to tetrachords,
  • understand musical intervals and inversions as math equations and natural properties of the physics of sound,
  • track and compose musical sequences and build sequential thinking,
  • meet Guido d'Arezzo, the monk who invented "Do, re, mi...,"
  • imagine Crazy Giraffes Driving... to recall key signatures,
  • sleuth out the puzzles of rhyme schemes and musical forms, and
  • create your own Music Joke and Riddle Book.

Muse at Work is an holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to musicianship for children, youth, and adults.


MUSE AT WORK (Building Blocks of Music) 


1.“I Bow to You”

2.“I Am A Clef Robot”

3.“F-A-C-E Spaces”

4.“Each Grown Bird Does Fly”

5.“The Whole Note”


7.“Berlioz’s Bergamasca”

8.“Mr. Valentine”

9.“Dotted Notes”


11.“Iambic is a Skipping Sound”

12.“Trochees Travel So Compactly”

13.“Dactyls Love Dancing, Especially Waltzing”

14.“Anapest Wants to Nest”

15.“Maestro Mouse Found His Baton”

16.“Ionian Pillars”

17.“Curious Dorian”

18.“Phrygian is a Mysterious Mode”

19.“Lydian Breezes”

20.“Mixolydian’s Escape”

21.“Aeolian, Aeolian”

22.“Mercurial Locrian”

23.“Diatonic Intervals: Major”

24.“Diatonic Intervals: Melodic Minor”

25.The Origin of “Do, re, mi” (“Ut queant laxis”)

26.Pentatonic: “My Name is Mei-Mei” (Canon)

27.Pentatonic: “May Today There Be Peace Within” (Canon)

28.“Psalms 9–10: Ethiopian Mode II”

29.“Mozart’s Bird”

30.“If I Were A Bird”

31.“Salute, Major Major”

32.“Natural Minor has Interesting Relatives”

33.“Melodic Minor Weeps and Stretches Like a Willow Tree

34.“My Augmented Second Tells You Who I Am”

35.“Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”

36.“Rondo Form Returns to A”

37.“Rondo and Affect”