Ruiter-Feenstra on Richards, Fowkes & Co. Organs

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Recorded on the Richards, Fowkes & Co. Organs at Church of the Covenant, Cleveland (modified meantone) and Pinnacle Presbyterian, Scottsdale, AZ.

Fleur de Son Classics, 2018.

Bach's Teacher Böhm & Improvisation

Recorded on the Keith Hill 18th-c. style Taskin French double harpsichord. Fleur de Son Classics, 2013.

"This recording is a magnificent synthesis of artistry and scholarship, giving profound insight into the seminal influences of Bach's oeuvre."

Froberger on the 1658 De Zentis

Recorded on the Italian 1658 De Zentis harpsichord, restored by Keith Hill. Fleur de Son Classics, 2011.

Bach, Improvisations, and the Liturgical Year

Recorded on the Martin Pasi organ at Trinity Lutheran Church, Lynnwood, WA. Loft Recordings, 2008.

Franz Tunder Organ Works

Recorded on the North German Baroque Organ at Örgryte Nya Kyrka, Göteborg, Sweden. Double CD. Loft Recordings, 2002.