CHI Press derives its name from the Chinese QI or CHI,

meaning harmony, life force, energy, and spirit.

The letters CHI also form an acronym:

CHI = Center for Historical Improvisation

Center: rooted in time-proven principles,

branching out in lifelong learning.

Historical: heritage indebted to ideas and works of

great artists, thinkers, peacemakers, and musicians.

Improvisation: extemporaneous composition,

with architectural structures prepared in the mind,

and elaborations spontaneous and varied.



CHI Press offers compositions, resources on

historical improvisation, such as

Bach and the Art of Improvisation, and

Improvisation Endeavors.



CHI Press is also an acronym for CHild, Imagine!

The CHild, Imagine! subsidiary of CHI Press features

musical, literary, art, and academic works

for and about children.

[See Muse in Peace, Muse at School,

Muse for the Soul, Muse at Work,

Womb of God, and Compositions]





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