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Bacharabàn, Op. 169 (Arab modes and Bach meet), ACME

Belonging: A Carillon Call to Care for All, American Carillon Music Editions (ACME)

  1. Mo(u)rning Call (Arab)
  2. Earth Blood Reprise (African American)
  3. The Voice of Weeping (Jewish)
  4. Border ID (Latinx; immigrants)

Enough is Enough: Never Again Sketches, Op. 163, free download

In Global Rings: "A la una naci yo," "Adio Querida," "La Boca del Dragòn" (with Marielba Nùñez), "Byelorussia Symphony of Nature," "Go Down Moses" & "Sometimes I feel like a motherless child," "Hava nagila," "Healing Bells" (with Jet Schouten), "HK Anthem," "King ding Love Song," "Llanto de Tepuyes" (with Marielba Núñez), "Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama," "MLK's Dream," "Once upon a time...," "Shalom, chaverim," "Sounds of Sewol" (with Kwang Young Shin), "To Jamaica, with Love," "Westminster Carillon," "Zum gali gali." 

Healing Bells, free download.

Our Time: Me Too, Op. 162, free download

    Peacemakers, Op. 168, Guild of Carillonneurs in North America (GCNA)

    Shenandoah: River of Life?, Op. 161 



    "Kang Ding Love Song" (vln, vla, ‘cello)



    "Behold, I Am Coming Soon" (SATB)

    "Christmas Triptych" (unison, keyboard)

    "Lord, Make Me an Instrument" (SATB or SAT)

    "May the Peace that Passes Understanding" (unison, keyboard)

    "Nesting" (unison with keyboard or handbells)

    "Our Father" (SATB)



    Barone de Cles Allemande


    Hymns & Psalms

    "For Remembered Music Sounding"

    "God Creator, Hear Our Music"

    "May Your Life be Filled with Gladness"

    "Our Father" (hymn for congregation)

    "Psalms 9–10"

    "Psalm 136"

    "Psalm 150"


    Hymn Concertatos

    "For Remembered Music Sounding" (SATB, organ)

    "May Your Life be Filled with Gladness" (SATB, flute, organ)

    "Too Often, God, Your Name is Used"

    "With Gratitude, In Shadows and in Light"



    Ciaccona nella Fuga in memoriam Chandler Matthews

    Concertina on Genevan Psalm 42

    Easter Toccata on Genevan Psalm 118 & “Northridge”

    Festive Processional on “Ode to Joy”

    "Komm, Heiliger Geist" Trio

    Liturgy LIVE!

    1. Advent Anticipation: Chorale Prelude on “Nun komm, der heiden Heiland” (“Savior of the Nations, Come”).       
    2. Christmas Counterpoint: Fugue on “Vom Himmel hoch” (“From Heaven Above to Earth I Come")
    3. Epiphany Escapades: Fantasy Gigue on “Wie schön leuchtet” (“How Bright Appears the Morning Star”
    4. Lenten Lament: Aria on “An Wasserflüssen Babylon” (“By the Rivers of Babylon, We Sat and Wept” Psalm 137
    5. Easter Exuberance: Toccata on NORTHRIDGE & GENEVAN 118 (“Christ Jesus Lay in Death’s Strong Bands” & “Give Thanks to God for All His Goodness”)
    6. Pentecost Phantasmagoria: Chorale Fantasia on “Komm, heiliger Geist, Herre Gott” (Come, Holy Ghost, God and Lord”)

    Triptych on Genevan Psalms 65 & 130

    Triptych on Genevan Psalm 98

    Trio on “Children of the Heavenly Father” with “O Sacred Head, Now Wounded” (“Tryggare kan ingen vara” with “Herzlich tut mich verlangen”)

    Variations on HYFRYDOL: “God Creator, Hear Our Music”


    Symphonic Band

    Our Time: Me Too


    VocalChildren & Adults

    Aqua Dulcis (Three Songs for Baptism and Beyond) (unison, keyboard)

    Christmas Triptych (unison, keyboard)

    I Felt a Funeral in My Brain (soprano, piano)

    May the Peace that Passes Understanding (unison with keyboard)

    Nesting (unison with keyboard or handbells)

    Our Father (pentatonic unison)

    The Vow (duet, keyboard)


    100+ unison pieces for children ages 3–9 in Muse.


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