Have you ever noticed how children naturally muse? This four-volume Muse collection offers more than 100 songs and activities for preschool and elementary-age children. Muse fosters creativity and curiosity, making learning fun and wholesome. 

Let school lessons sing with Muse at School! Meet Mr. Noun, Mrs. Verb, and Captain Adverb, as they explore parts of speech through song. Discover a surprise rhyme scheme in a Valentine's song. Sing about penguins, marsupials, volcanoes, rocks, land and water forms, and earth care. Explore time cycles in songs about clocks, days of the week, and months and seasons of the year.

Find peace within and sing of global peacemakers such as Wangari Maathai, MLK Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, the Dalai Lama, and Mother Teresa with Muse in Peace. 

Featuring Psalms, Old Testament Bible stories, an interactive Seder Feast, a play on Noah's ark, liturgical theatre of saints and angels, and a clock to tell liturgical time cycles, Muse for the Soul serves as a vehicle for soul care.

For preschool and elementary-age children. Use at home, in school, at camps, in the car, at the park, and anywhere you are!

Muse at Work unlocks the mysteries of the building blocks of music. An holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to music theory, singing, instruments, and musicianship, Muse at Work has a proven track record with children, youth, and adults.

-artwork by Cayla Samano