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Global Rings is available! 

Global Rings is a carillon collection of 42 new pieces based on issues, stories, and folk tunes from around the world.

Gratitude Haiku 

Gratitude begets

peace  love  compassion  love  peace

begets Gratitude.

Gratitude for Road and Restroom Workers 

On our seventh snow-ice-cold day this year, with schools cancelled and travel advisories to stay home,

road workers are out clearing ice and snow to make life a little safer for the people around them.

Every day and every night, while some people are at work or at leisure or asleep,

other people are awake and cleaning offices, homes, and public restrooms 

to make life easier for the people around them.

Sending gratitude to these heroes for their important work and their perseverance to make life better.

Practicing Well-Being 

“Well-being is a skill.

Well-being is fundamentally no different than learning to play the cello.

If one practices the skills of well-being, one will get better at it.”

--Dr. Richard Davidson, neuroscientist who teaches about the ‘resilient mindset.’


The Dalai Lama met with Davidson and asked him to study kindness and compassion, which he did. He created the Center for Healthy Minds with a Kindness Curriculum teaching through stories and practices how to pay attention, work with emotions, and cultivate…

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Gratitude and Peace 

"Gratitude makes sense of our past,

  brings peace for today, and

 creates a vision for tomorrow."

          -Melody Beattie

Sending peace--peace on earth.

Gratitude & Happiness 

"Happiness cannot be traveled to,

owned, earned, worn or consumed.

Happiness is the spiritual experience of living

every minute with love, grace, and gratitude."

              -Denis Waitley

      Happy holidays, everyone!

Gratitude 2: Gratitude and Beauty 

Gratitude 1: Belonging 

Last night, I played a carillon concert entitled Voices Uplifted. My goal in the program was to lift up voices of marginalized populations through carillon music. The works I composed are: "Our Time: Me Too;" "Enough is Enough, Never Again: Sketches;" and four pieces in a set entitled "Belonging: A Carillon Call to Care for All." The individual pieces of "Belonging" lift up the voices of Muslim/Arab, African American, Jewish, and Latina/o global brothers and sisters. Each piece is based on profound life…

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More resources on Bach and the Art of Improvisation, vol. 2! 

Dear Friends,

With joy, I give you three gifts from my recently released Bach and the Art of Improvisation, Vol. II (BAI 2). The first two are here today, and the next will arrive tomorrow.

Listen to two soulful performances of Bach's BWV 1079 & 1043, demonstrating continuo practice of dialogue and duet as Bach taught, composed, and improvised. With gratitude to my beautiful Songbird collaborators: Michael Lynn, traverso; Mary L. Riccardi, Baroque violin; Debra Lonergan, Baroque 'cello. 


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