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On March 15 & 16, 2024, our Healing Bells team will perform

"Ni une más" at Bethlehem United Church of Christ, 7:30 p.m.

Location: 423 S. 4th Ave. (extra parking at the downtown Ann Arbor District Library). 

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Immerse yourself in a music, theatre, and dance production as survivors 

transform trauma into healing power via the arts.

A trailblazing world premiere production, “Ni una más” features artists and survivors who braid music, theatre, dance and poetry to tell their stories of growing agency. From the tender “Te recuerdo” (I remember you) to the rumbling subway sounds of “Metro Asfixia;” from the ironic rap, “This Doesn't Happen at Michigan,” to the foot-stomping chorus, “It’s Not My Fault,” this audience-engaging production is both mesmerizing and memorable. 

Our award-winning production team of artistic director & composer Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra, and  journalists Ana Ávila and María Arce partnered with survivors to create new material for “Ni une más.” 

As gender-based violence is a local and global health crisis, we move this often-silenced topic to the spotlight to transform trauma into healing power through the arts.

This event is made possible via funding from the University of Michigan's Arts Initiative, SMTD RCI grant, ODEI, IRWG. CEW+ Frances & Sydney Lewis Visiting Leaders Fund, Communications & Media, SAPAC, Sociology; Avalon Healing Center (Detroit), and Bethlehem United Church of Christ.



Healing Bells: where stories & music meet

At Healing Bells, our journalists and artists collaborate to tell underreported stories of social injustices via music, dance, art, and film. Our projects center on the tenacity of people forced to migrate, despite inequities they face; humanitarian crises in Venezuela; democracies dismantled in Belarus, Venezuela, Haiti, and Kashmir; standing up to gender-based violence in Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S.; and the aftermath of gun violence in U.S. schools. We've developed journalistically sound and artistically engaging practices to reveal the agency, resilience and gifts of people who have been marginalized. Through our innovative cross-disciplinary collaborations, workshops, and concerts, we open a path to healing via the arts.