Muse at School

by ┬ęPamela Ruiter-Feenstra

Released 2015
CHI Press
Released 2015
CHI Press
Muse at School integrates memorable songs with language, science, and math to make academic concepts fun and lasting.
Earn an A+ (arts plus) in STEAM with Muse at School!
Meet Mr. Noun, Mrs. Verb, and Captain Adverb in their explorations through songs; discover a surprise rhyme scheme in a Valentine's song; sing about penguins, marsupials, volcanoes, rocks, land and water forms, and earth care: explore time cycles in songs about clocks days of the week, and months and seasons of the year.
Give your academic subjects a sustainable boost with Muse at School!
Develop imagination with Muse at School!
(For preprimary- and elementary-age children for use in schools camps, parks, cars, and homes.)
Muse at School enhances English-as-a-Second Language (ESL) materials.